New listicle: Three data problems solved by a connected lab


In this listicle, Thermo Fisher Scientific outlines three problems solved by the Thermo Fisher Connect Platform Team Edition and below, they expand to five reasons why companies should consider this platform. 

How do you secure your data? How do you share instruments? The Thermo Fisher Connect Platform Team Edition is a cloud platform where teams can reserve instruments, automatically collect and secure data, and remotely access and analyse it with a broad portfolio of scientific apps. The solution transforms siloed instrument use, local data access, and native instrument software analysis.  

Here are five reasons why companies should consider this platform.

1. Automatically capture data and analyse it from the cloud 

With Thermo Fisher Scientific’s suite of scientific analysis apps and data viewers, data is ready for you to work with from anywhere. Our client application watches for files output by your instruments and automatically moves them into the Connect Platform, in the location you choose. Files stored in the Connect Platform are scanned for virus and malware along conventional standards for added security, 

Configuration is flexible, and you can set multiple file transfers per instrument. For example, you can have different user folders on the instrument PC and have each of those move to specific user or shared folders in Team edition.  

2. Share files and data inside and outside of your organisation

With data sharing on Connect Platform Team edition, you can create private folders that you can share with others. You can assign each member different permissions, from view-only via web browser, to download and edit rights, to full admin rights. You aren’t limited to sharing within your organisation, and anyone you add to a private folder will receive an email invitation and will be able to access that private folder without additional fees for you or them.

Access Requests links and Group Invites allow people to share or request access to a private folder—all with permission controls. You can send messages to members directly in the platform, and they will receive it via email and as a notification in Connect. Your team’s admin or admins will always have full visibility into all data stored in the platform, including these shared folders. They can see and manage shared folder memberships, permissions, settings, and content.

3. Connectivity across devices 

The benefits of connectivity apply across a broad range of instruments and devices, which include: 


  • Thermo Fisher instruments and devices built for Connect 
  • Monitor experiment runs 
  • Live instrument status and event logs 

 Non-native & 3rd party 

  • Any file-based instrument 
  • Instruments made by any vendor 
  • Transfer-based utilisation stats 

All instruments 

  • Automated data capture 
  • Reservation management tools 
  • Access management tools 

4. Reserving instrument time 

The Team edition Calendar helps you find time across all of your instruments. Admins can make and manage reservations for their team, and block out time on instruments under service.  

Our instrument PC app manages access for reservation holders, acting as a kiosk app that displays upcoming reservations. The reservation holder or a Team edition admin enters their Connect Platform credentials to unlock the PC. 

An incorrect person can be denied entry, though this setting can be configured depending on your lab’s needs. Reservation Server offers two operating modes to fit your lab management style. 

  • Kiosk mode: In Kiosk mode, only the current reservation holder or an admin will be able to unlock the instrument PC for use. 
  • Passive mode: Passive mode displays a list of upcoming reservations but allows any Connect user to unlock the instrument PC. 

 5. Managing and sharing data 

Once connected, each user or an admin can set file configurations. Users choose which data folders on the instrument to copy from and the destination folders in Connect where the files will be moved.  

All data in your Team is owned by your organisation and admins can manage access and retain data. Team edition supports two secure methods for access and data management: 

  • Single sign on puts immediate access control in your company’s hands.  
  • Our access management cloud software gives your admins tools to deactivate users, even if not using single sign on. 

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