New functionality added to Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS software

In response to the data management needs of manufacturing QA/QC and contract laboratories, the latest version of Thermo Scientific’s SampleManager Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software offers an advanced solution: a built-in electronic lab notebook (ELN), capabilities to streamline operations within contract laboratories and enhanced dashboard configuration for tailored data visualisation.

SampleManager LIMS software 12.3 features a fully integrated ELN, simplifying storage, search and retrieval of supplementary information such as unstructured data. As a result, the need for time and resource intensive rework caused by disparate, incomplete and unsearchable data is eliminated, while facilitating improved connectivity and collaboration between laboratories. The ELN adds to the capabilities of the SampleManager LIMS software suite, integrating with the existing LIMS, lab execution system (LES) and scientific data management system (SDMS).

The software is designed to maximises process efficiencies within contract laboratories, providing a single system to easily manage customers’ work, streamline administrative tasks including pricing and invoicing, and provide customers with a secure, professional portal to log requests and access results.

“Building on more than 30 years of laboratory informatics knowledge and technology expertise, SampleManager LIMS software continues to provide rich functionality and put control in the hands of users to drive efficiencies, connect data and deliver actionable information,” said Dr. Cheryl Moody Bartel, head of product management for digital science, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The new version of the software introduces further capability and usability enhancements to enable manufacturing QA/QC and contract laboratories to improve management of their laboratory operations and drive further insights from their data.”

Image credit: ThisIsEngineering RAEng


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