New class of drug shows promise in last line multiple myeloma

Myeloma cells

Data presented at the American Society for Hematology meeting (ASH) show a 70% response rate in last line multiple myeloma patients treated with CellCentric’s inobrodib in combination with pomalidomide (pom) and dexamethasone (dex).

Inobrodib is the first in a new class of drug, which disrupts the action of p300/CBP at regulatory elements controlling key cancer genes. It impacts the expression of IRF4 and MYC, two potent oncogenes that drive multiple myeloma.

“We are pleased that clinical activity of this combination is so encouraging in last line patients, confirming the potential of this new approach,” said Tomasz Knurowski, Chief Medical Officer at CellCentric. “Further evaluation is underway, but there are clear signs that targeting p300/CBP to treat haematological malignancies, including myeloma, has potential to address unmet medical need.”

The new data are from a Phase I/IIa clinical trial in heavily pre-treated patients who are mostly triple class refractory, with a median of five lines of prior therapy. All patients demonstrated some signs of clinical activity, with rapid responses: 72% in both cohorts, and 67% in the 35mg cohort.

Dr Emma Searle, Consultant Haematologist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, who has overseen the care of many of the patients on the clinical trial, added: “The results show promising efficacy data in relapsing remitting multiple myeloma patients who have exhausted standard-of-care therapies, both as a monotherapy and in combination with pom + dex. Further trials continue to refine dosing and expand the cohort.”

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