New approach preserves biological materials without freezing

Biological materials logistics

DefiniGEN and Atelerix have reached an agreement which combines DefiniGEN’s iPSC hepatocytes (Opti-Heps) with Atelerix’s hydrogel preservation technology.

The companies report that they have been able to successfully ship in vitro liver models from the UK to the US.

In vitro liver models can speed up the drug development process, as researchers can quickly assess drug toxicity and metabolism information.

Samples are shipped fresh to customers in assay-ready plates for screening and analysis. This saves research time, according to the partners, as cells do not need to be thawed, and avoids the need for cold chain logistics.

Heidi Kingdon Jones, CBO of DefiniGEN, said: “By combining DefiniGEN’s innovative iPSC-derived hepatocyte models with Atelerix’s revolutionary preservation technology, we are not only pushing the boundaries of scientific research but also contributing to a more sustainable and ethical approach in the biopharmaceutical industry. This collaboration marks an industry first in R&D, enabling higher quality functional assays without the reliance on cold chain logistics.”

Alastair Carrington, CEO of Atelerix, added: “This partnership demonstrates the efficacy of Atelerix’s preservation technology, exceeding expectations with what is deemed one of the most sensitive and often problematic cell types, to ship fresh and still maintain functionality. Working alongside DefiniGEN, we are excited to be at the forefront of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint, improving the logistics of biological materials while moving towards reducing or even replacing the use of animals in drug testing.”

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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