Multi-target collaboration to advance cachexia therapeutics

G-protein coupled receptors

A new collaboration aims to accelerate development of advanced G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR)-targeting therapeutics for cachexia caused by cancer and other chronic conditions. 

Orbit Discovery has entered a partnership with Endevica Bio following the release of data proving that the company’s lead compound is safe and well-tolerated in Phase I trials. 

Endevica’s technology platform allows for the modification of peptides to modulate activity of GPCRs behind the blood-brain barrier.  

The focus of this agreement is to identify peptide hits from selected library populations, derived from Endevica’s internal in silico and modelling tools, which will be applied directly to Orbit’s proprietary functional screening platform where agonism of proteins can be identified. 

Dr Neil Butt, Chief Executive Officer, Orbit Discovery, commented: “Our aim is to make screening more relevant to the final biological read-outs required by drug developers, to ensure the right leads are selected first time, every time. This has the potential to deliver a generation of future therapeutics with high tissue specificity, low toxicity, and ultimately, safer and more effective medicines.” 

The agreement covers activities ranging from hit ID to development of cell-based assays, with an option for Endevica to further develop the peptide hits resulting from the screening activities.  

Dr Russell Potterfield, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman, Endevica Bio, said: “The ability to identify functional hits to our targets using large libraries will be a more cost effective and speedier option to traditional discovery options.”

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