Meet the researchers for Research Appreciation Day 2024

Friday the 5th of July is Research Appreciation Day, which was launched by MQ Mental Health Research in 2023 to celebrate the hard work of health researchers and scientists around the world.

MQ Mental Health Research says: “This year we are celebrating the incredible breakthroughs made possible by research. Whether it’s a breakthrough in funding the cause of a disease, developing a new treatment or even preventing illness altogether.  Join us in celebrating breakthrough’s big or small by sharing the hashtag #ResearchAppreciationDay on the 5th of July.”

To celebrate the amazing work of researchers in drug discovery, we’ve chosen five of our favourite Meet the Researcher interviews, but you can read them all here.

  1. Dr Henrik Jespersen, Head of Melanoma Oncology at Oslo University Hospital

Henrik Jespersen“As part of my thesis-work, we were able to take an idea born in the lab all the way to a Phase II trial for patients with metastatic uveal melanoma. Seeing the first patient with a durable response in the trial and knowing that it was due to our ideas and hard work was immensely inspiring.”

Read the full interview.

  1. Giusy Di Conza, Head of Research at iOnctura

Giusy di Conza“Never stop learning – try and learn as much as you can and even if a topic is new and you feel out of your depth at the beginning, it will be extremely valuable to be an expert in that space at a later date.”

Read the full interview.

  1. Dr Stephen Jones, Research Professor and Group Leader at Vilnius University Life Sciences Center

Dr Stephen Jones

“A lot of the techniques and tools that we use are based on the original gene editing tools that aren’t as programmable as CRISPR nucleases but showed us what was possible. That’s one of the amazing things about science, that we’re able to build on one another’s efforts – it’s exciting to be part of this much larger enterprise.”

Read the full interview.

  1. Molly Stevens, John Black Professor at Oxford University and Research Director for Biomedical Materials at Imperial College London

Molly Stevens“A great piece of advice that has stayed with me is to do something you enjoy, reaching for high quality and impactful outcomes that will have a beneficial impact in the world. This has been a central tenet throughout my career.”

Read the full interview.

  1. Dennis Brown, Chief Scientific Officer at Kintara Therapeutics

“I think we’re at another point where there are amazing tools – genomic sequencing, high throughput screening, amazing chemistry from all over the world, biologics (where they’re really tweaking a new generation), and a lot of biomarkers now so that they can more precisely identify the right patient for the right drug.”

Read the full interview or watch below.


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