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2019 Editorial Focus

2019 Editorial Focus

Here is where you can find the editorial focus for DDW in 2019:

WINTER 2018/19 - Automation

Drug Mining, Organoids, GLP, Lab Automation, High Throughput Technologies, AI, Liquid Handling, Genomics

SPRING 2019 - Oncology and Immunology

Immunotherapy, T-cell-based tools, Flow Cytometry, Genome Editing, RNAi, Antibodies, Immuno-Oncology, Biomarkers

SUMMER 2019 - Target Identification and Validation

Next Gen Sequencing, Cell-Based Assays, Compound Management, Drug Repositioning, Mass Spectrometry, Cell Therapy, Genomics, Fragment-Based Drug Design

FALL 2019 - Assay Development and Screening

Phenotypic Screening, High Content Imaging, High Throughput Screening, ADME-Tox, Animal Model Development, Stem Cells, Epigenetics, Live Cell Imaging


How DDW Source Editorial

Editorial is always sourced on the basis of DDW’s well known maxim of turning science into business. We commission articles from Pharma, Academia and the Technology Community that can talk candidly about the commercial potency of implementing new technologies and the impact these ultimately will have in discovering new drugs. We strive to keep the editorial balanced and objective and appeal to both camps, the scientist and, of course, the business leaders within the Pharma, Biotech and Academic Institutions.