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This page gives details on obtaining reprints of Drug Discovery World articles.

Benefits of DDW Reprints:

- Sales Force Tool
- Unbiased Literature for Trade Shows
- Direct Mail Campaigns
- Investors/Collaborators

Other Information About DDW Reprints

- Reprints can be customised by adding the DDW front cover and company advertisement on the back cover.
- Colour Reprints are ordered on a minimum run of 1000.
- DDW retains copyright for articles published.
- Reprints usually have a 7-10 day turnaround plus delivery time.
- Shipping charges are applied (will vary depending on location)


4 page booklet £1350 plus delivery

6 page booklet £1650 plus delivery

8 page booklet £1850 plus delivery

High res pdf 2 user license/intranet £350

High res pdf unlimited usage/extranet £750