‘Life Sciences Future50’ shines light on UK innovation


PwC has published a new report on the UK life sciences industry ‘The Life Sciences Future50’, highlighting companies that illustrate world-class science and innovation, including 32 in the therapeutics space.

According to the report, the life science industry represents a £43.4 ($52.7) billion annual contribution to GVA and supports 646,000 job every year and.

Academic institutions are key to the success of the sector, with 31 out of the Future50 companies spun out of, or leveraging research from, a UK university or institution. Of the sample, 18 are based in Cambridge, 15 in London, 11 in Oxford, three in Edinburgh and one in each of Belfast, Manchester and Coventry respectively.

To select the final 50 companies, PwC analysts compiled a list of UK life sciences companies that had raised private financing of at least $10 million in aggregate and had a funding event since 2018. This long list of 500 companies was then refined by removing those that had been listed or acquired, or didn’t have sufficient information in the public domain. The remaining 190 companies were then tested against assessment criteria based on ‘Impact potential’, ‘Differentiation’, ‘Breakthrough science/innovation’ and ‘Maturity’.

The final 50 are divided into various categories – here are the 32 in the Therapeutics category (click the links to find out more):

The TechBio section featured companies bit.bio, CHARM Therapeutics, LabGenius, Ori Biotech and Touchlight, while Life Sciences Tools featured CN Bio, Evonetix, ONI, Refeyn and Synthace. There were also sections for Diagnostics and HealthTech.

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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