LEO partners with ICON to offer patient-centric dermatology trials

Dermatology patient

LEO Pharma and ICON have formed a strategic partnership that will enable LEO to offer clinical trials within medical dermatology that are patient-centric and cost effective.

The partnership will operate under the acronym of PACE, reflecting the requirement to move quickly to address today’s clinical development challenges.

It also represents the values of Passion, Agility, Communication and Excellence in delivery.

The collaboration will use both fully outsourced and functional outsourcing models in a tailored and flexible hybrid approach.

“We’ve been exploring several outsourcing models but found a hybrid sourcing model to be the most efficient. Partnering with ICON supports our 2030 strategy as it will help us to bring innovative treatments to patients faster while also supporting a more sustainable business through scalability and flexibility,” said Jörg Möller, Executive Vice President and head of Global R&D at LEO Pharma.

In supporting LEO, ICON will bring differentiating and enabling capabilities including its laboratories, Accellacare site-network, FIRECREST site management and decentralised clinical trial capabilities.

“We take a flexible and integrated approach when working with our partners, utilising fully outsourced, hybrid and FSP models that complement our partner’s internal capabilities and enable them to achieve their strategic goals,” said Steve Cutler, CEO, ICON.

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