How to improve data quality and speed, and reduce cycle time

The Covid-19 pandemic has promoted global efforts to develop antiviral treatments against SARS-CoV-2. During this process, the endemic operational vulnerabilities of the drug discovery process have been highlighted. The reality is: bringing new drugs to the market is associated with high costs, high failure rates and long cycle times…and this process is becoming slower and more expensive over time.

To respond to low reproducibility and inefficient processes, Arctoris developed an automated experimental and analytical workflow platform, integrating experimental and analytical capabilities with modern technology to deliver highest quality data.

In this webinar, Covid targets in the crosshairs: Unparalleled quality and speed from Arctoris’ Ulysses platform, Daniel Thomas, Head of Discovery Biology at Arctoris, will examine how this concept can be applied by discussing three case studies focussed on SARS-CoV-2 viral processing, infectivity and transmission. These examples will be used to highlight the advantages of the proprietary platform Ulysses with regards to data quality and confidence, as well as speed and cycle time reduction.

Moreover, Thomas will discuss which role state of the art multi-mode microplate readers play in this approach.

Covid targets in the crosshairs: Unparalleled quality and speed from Arctoris’ Ulysses platform, will take place on 9 June 5PM CET;  4PM BST

Who should attend:

  • Biotechs with focus on anti-viral drug development and molecular virology and cellular response and/or new approaches to improve efficiency.
  • Pharma industry and CRO with focus on anti-viral drugs discovery and/or new approaches to improve efficiency.

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