How does circVec technology compare to conventional mRNA? 


Circio has announced updated in vivo data that demonstrates a substantial durability advantage of Circio’s circVec technology over conventional mRNA expression. In addition, Circio has undertaken sequence optimisation resulting in a new circVec 2.2 design.  

“The circVec 2.1 design is performing very well in vivo, and Circio has now validated expression for up to five months. This is a clear demonstration of a substantial, and statistically significant, advantage over mRNA-based expression. As a result, the data provides an important proof-of-concept for Circio’s circular RNA platform, which we expect will translate into improved gene therapies for patients in the future,” said Dr Thomas Hansen, CTO at Circio. “In parallel, we have deployed machine learning to optimise circVec sequence composition. This has enabled us to generate a new and even more powerful circVec 2.2 design, which increases protein expression by 2-4 -fold vs circVec 2.1 constructs.”   

Dr Victor Levitsky, CSO at Circio, said: “In recent months, Circio has made important progress with its circVec AATD gene therapy constructs. We have now technically validated a very efficient and selective ‘remove’ functionality to complement the robust and durable circular RNA ‘replace’ expression of the AAT protein.  

 “Almost all gene therapies today are based on the AAV vector. We are confident that circVec-based expression can enhance this format. Circio’s first circular RNA AAV constructs have now been validated in vivo, and their performance compared to conventional mRNA-AAVs will be tracked over the coming months. We expect that these data will be of considerable interest to prospective gene therapy partners.” 

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