High performance microplates for discovery sciences


This paid-for advertorial by Aurora Microplates appeared in DDW Volume 24 – Issue 1, Winter 2022/2023

Aurora Microplates is focused on making the highest quality, highest performing microplates available. The company uses the best materials, the cleanest and most precise moulding operations and facilities to deliver high performance microplates in a timely fashion.  

Pure materials

All great products start with the best raw materials. Aurora only uses cyclo-olefin polymers (COP) to make its range of 384, 1536 and 3456 well microplates. Every plate is made with the exact same formulation of resin, colourant and film. COP is a very clean resin, free of metals and other contaminants that can impact cells, enzymes and other bioactive entities, especially when compared with polystyrene (PS).

Clean processes

Great materials turn into great products when the cleanest and most precise production processes are used and are continuously monitored for quality. All Aurora Plates are made inside a Class 8 clean room, under ISO-13485 quality rules. The entire operation is kept dust and static-free to eliminate subversive performance issues when plates are received by Aurora users.  

Clear images

Exacting tolerances for consistency, clarity, flatness and quality combine to delivery very clear images, very sensitive detection and extremely low background noise. These Aurora Microplate attributes are considered best-in-class- leading to very consistent data within an assay, and from lot-to-lot microplate deliveries over the course of months or years of use.


Results you can trust

The final stage of the all the work – from sample preparation to assay development and the optimisation of reagents, buffers, cell lines – all come together to display the results. The microplate should be an invisible well to hold your assay contents and provide the honest truth about your results, enabling the scientific process to continue with confidence. 

Aurora Microplates has great respect for the demands of modern discovery science and its ever-evolving search for more sensitive and subtle clues to understanding cause and effect. We believe that the best microplates should be an invisible carrier for your work, not a contributor to variability in your data. We will continue to adhere to these beliefs as we operate, innovate and support your needs now and in the future.

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