GARDP and the University of Liverpool join forces against AMR

Antimicrobial resistance

The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) and the University of Liverpool have confirmed an agreement to collaborate on new projects to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR) for the benefit of public health.

Since 2018, GARDP and the University of Liverpool have been working together to advance new treatment options for new-borns with sepsis.

Their research has laid the groundwork for GARDP’s upcoming global clinical trial on neonatal sepsis. The trial will rank the safety and effectiveness of new combinations of three existing antibiotics against commonly used regimens to treat babies with sepsis.

New treatment options are needed to respond to growing drug resistance to the current WHO-recommended regimen, especially in many low- and middle-income countries.

“The University of Liverpool is a leader in infectious disease research and a key partner in GARDP’s work on children’s antibiotics,” said Seamus O’Brien, R&D Director at GARDP. “This agreement paves the way for more successful collaboration across our portfolio in years to come. We look forward to continuing to work together on solutions for all populations that are especially vulnerable to drug-resistant infections.”

Interdisciplinary problem-solving

Professor William Hope, Dame Sally Davies Chair of AMR Research at the University of Liverpool, added: “The University of Liverpool has enjoyed a highly fruitful and effective collaboration with GARDP to advance a collective vision to minimise the impact of antimicrobial resistance on human health. Effectively addressing global challenges such as AMR can only be achieved with strong partnership and interdisciplinary problem-solving. We anticipate further successes and look forward to this very much.”

Alongside their joint research, GARDP and the University of Liverpool have joined forces to share their expertise with the wider community of researchers who work on AMR.

Academics from the University of Liverpool have presented their work in webinars hosted by GARDP’s online platform REVIVE, as well as at the online Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Conference co-hosted by GARDP.

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