First use of click chemistry in CAR-T cell therapy shows promise

Click chemistry

Acepodia has announced promising preliminary data from its Phase I dose escalation clinical trial of ACE1831, an anti-CD20 antibody conjugated allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapy being evaluated in patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).

One out of five patients demonstrated complete response (CR) and three out of five patients experienced disease stabilisation (SD) with a single dose of ACE1831 at the lowest dose level. One CR and two SD patients were previously treated with CD19 CAR-T.

Durability of clinical response was observed for three months after a single dose of ACE1831.

ACE1831 is Acepodia’s first cell therapy to enter clinical development from its ACC platform, which uses bioorthogonal chemistry to conjugate gamma delta 2 (γδ2) T cells with antibodies targeting CD20.

The platform is based on the work of 2022 Nobel Prize laureate Dr Carolyn Bertozzi that applied click chemistry to living systems.

The preliminary data demonstrates that ACE1831 activates both an innate and adaptive immune response by direct killing of tumour cells, tumour opsonisation, and recruitment of T cells through cytokine secretion.

“This ongoing trial is the first to demonstrate potential clinical benefit to patients using bioorthogonal chemistry and opens the door to a powerful, new approach for cell therapy that overcomes limitations of current CAR-T cell therapies and is more accessible to patients,” said Sonny Hsiao, Chief Executive Officer of Acepodia. “We are encouraged to see a robust and durable effect after a single treatment at the lowest dose, and remain focused on the continued development of this first-of-its kind treatment option.”

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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