ENPICOM accelerates antibody and vaccine discovery

Viroclinics-DDL, a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialising in molecular diagnostic testing and assay development, and ENPICOM, a bioinformatics software engineering company, have announced the approval of a joint MIT Zuid subsidy (SME Innovation Stimulation Top Sectors South Holland) application.

This R&D partnership project combines in vitro diagnostic and high-throughput sequencing expertise of Viroclinics-DDL and in silico bioinformatics and immunomics knowledge of ENPICOM. The companies aim to develop an integrated wet and dry lab BCR repertoire sequencing technology that can be offered as a full-service proposition. BCR receptor identification and quantification can be used for patients monitoring, evaluation of vaccine efficacy, and to improve antibody-based therapeutic development.

“Viroclinics-DDL’s proven ability to perform molecular diagnostic testing at scale provides a tremendous engine to power innovative therapeutics” said Jos Lunenberg, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at ENPICOM. “The joint strengths and capabilities of our experienced and well-diversified teams create not only a more complete portfolio of services for our clients; we are confident that our IGX Platform TCR/BCR sequencing analysis and management, combined with Viroclinics-DDL’s diversified portfolio of assay tools, will allow us to expedite discovery and development of new revolutionary therapeutics and vaccines.”

“This is a great example of our mission to drive purposeful innovation” said Desiree van der Kleij, General Manager at Viroclinics-DDL. “The combined expertise of our companies provides an opportunity to extend our service portfolio of tailor-made molecular diagnostic services for our (bio)pharmaceutical customers.”


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