Enhancing collaboration in drug discovery – a biotech perspective

A team working in a laboratory
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Delivery of synthesis targets within small molecule drug discovery often involves many chemists and other collaborators, both internal and external, across multiple locations. Harnessing skills and knowledge from distributed teams can create challenges for efficiently managing the ideation process and prioritisation, assignment and delivery of agreed targets.

Torx Software is a web-based platform that drives collaboration and productivity in drug discovery by connecting teams and data across the entire DMTA (design, make, test, analyse) cycle. The cloud-native Torx platform can facilitate real-time collaboration, simplified communication and secure workflow management.

In this webinar, Dr David Hollinshead, Technical Director, Elixir Software, and Dr Andrew Griffin, Vice President, Chemistry,
Pretzel Therapeutics, discuss the importance of creating a solid infrastructure within any discovery project to enable close collaboration with CROs and external partners in the effective tracking of molecules and ideas.

What you will learn:

  • How to collaborate more effectively across multiple teams to deliver a drug discovery project.
  • How targets can be readily set up and all expectations managed with clarity and confidence through secure sharing, communication, alerting and in-application reporting.
  • How to instantly find out the status of every compound target in the pursuit of your projects.

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