Embedding quality into cell line development through the application of an innovative picodroplet-based single cell sorter

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Generation of a highly expressing, regulatory acceptable clonal cell line is the first key activity in the development of a biopharmaceutical. Cell line development is labour intensive, time consuming and costly and is subject to stringent regulations to ensure patient safety.

Dr Jonathan H Dempsey
Dr Jonathan H Dempsey

All cell lines used to produce clinical batches of biopharmaceuticals are required to conform to ICH5Q which requires that cell lines are demonstrated to have a traceable history, are clonal and their construction is fully documented.

In this webinar, Dr Jonathan H Dempsey, Managing Director of Dempsey Consulting and Founding Partner of Pathway Biopharma Consulting, describes the implementation of an innovative technology which provides a visual record of clonality, history and clone derivation and also allows for transfected pool enrichment resulting in highly expressing clones.

A comparison of this instrument with existing methods and highlight benefits of traceability and speed from transfection to a clonal cell line is presented.

What you will learn:

  • How to improve quality in cell line development
  • About the application picodroplet technology for single cell analysis
  • How to improve speed and efficiency in cell line development workflows

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