Tech lets bioentrepreneurs run start-ups from coffee shops, a life science digitisation and automation company, has launched a digital operating platform for life science leaders and scientists which will allow entrepreneurs to start and virtually run their biotech startups from garages, coffee shops or anywhere innovation is born.

The company’s mission is to create a digital life science ecosystem, powering over 10,000 small and medium companies (SMEs) by 2025.

Scispot’s platform allows biotech SMEs to function as digital companies and enables on-demand access to their data, resources and external partners.

“With our talented tech team in Silicon Valley and Waterloo, we aim to deliver a million-dollar digitisation and automation experience to life science SMEs and level the playing field. The worth of bioeconomy that will be built by bioentrepreneurs is expected to increase to approximately $487 billion by 2024. Smaller companies that are digital and agile will lead the bioeconomy; we strive to digitally upgrade these companies and give them an edge over their bigger counterparts and competitors,” said Guru Singh, Founder & CEO of

“We chose Scispot as our digital arm because our data was scattered and siloed across multiple point solutions. Scispot connects our R&D and operational data and standardises our processes,” said Hugo Gagnon, CEO of PhenoSwitch Bioscience, a Sherbrooke-based leading mass spectrometry company.

“I believe biotech’s inefficiencies can be surmounted if digitisation and automation are boldly embraced; I want to make sure no one dies young simply because the drug they need is not available in the market as a result of outdated methods and practices,” added Guru.

Companies can use Scispot to create a digital replica of their company, workflows, and partnership networks. It currently serves life science SMEs, biotech incubators, accelerators, and is expanding.

Image credit: Hidayat Abisena

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