Cytel hopes to accelerate drug development in APAC region

A clinical trial

Cytel has expanded its operations into the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), with hopes of optimising clinical trial design in the area.

Cytel works with its clients on various aspects of clinical trials, including statistical design, implementation and regulatory acceptance, with the aim of helping them reduce costs, shorten timelines, and better unlock the value of their data.

“New norms set during the COVID-19 pandemic have only fueled the industry’s expectations of accelerated drug development,” said James Matcham, Executive Strategic Consultant, Cytel, Australia. 

“But APAC-based developers’ efforts to adopt trial-optimising innovation have been stifled by the services currently on offer in the region.”

Cytel now has entities in Australia, Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore, and plans to expand into Seoul and Tokyo. The company began its expansion in 2020, with the acquisition of China-based Laiya Consulting and a team of Singapore-based biometrics experts.

In April 2022, Cytel moved into Australia, and has since supported different phases of trials, in COVID-19, oncology, neurology, and rare diseases.

Jing Ping Yeo, Vice President and Head of APAC at Cytel, added that the expansion “will have the potential to generate transformative collaboration and allow new medical assets developed in Asia to get to patients faster”.

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