Creoptix and Oneservice partner for after-sales support

Creoptix, an expert in next-generation bioanalytical instrumentation has signed an agreement with Oneservice, a global provider of specialty technical services, to offer after-sales support and services for its ground-breaking WAVEsystem in Europe and the US.

Creoptix’ WAVEsystem is a label-free biosensor used in life sciences research to study molecular interactions in real-time. Based on proprietary Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology, the Creoptix WAVEsystem offers a level of sensitivity superior to Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), with a crude sample robustness normally only achieved with plate-based assays. The technology is facilitating new analytical applications such as membrane protein interaction analysis in drug discovery and real-time kinetic interaction studies in body fluids for biomarker and biotherapeutics development.

Line Stigen Raquet, CEO of Creoptix, commented: “At Creoptix we believe that great technology enables great science. The WAVEsystem is a powerful product portfolio for biomolecular interaction analysis, providing customers in research and drug discovery with label-free, high-quality kinetic information. With Oneservice, we can guarantee an exceptional level of support for all existing and future customers in Europe and the US.”

COO of Oneservice, Dirk Twiehaus, said: “We’re delighted to collaborate with Creoptix and look forward to delivering excellent service and support to their customers. In a short period of time, oneservice has become a leading global independent provider of after sales support for the life sciences, diagnostics and medical device industries, with an excellent track record. We are committed to help Creoptix make the WAVEsystem a great success and to a long and successful partnership.”

Image credit: Cytonn Photography


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