Covid-19 research group founder receives Legion of Honor 

Dr Nevan Krogran receives Legion of Honour

Dr Nevan Krogan, Founder of the UC San Francisco (UCSF) Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) Coronavirus Research Group (QCRG) and Director of QBI, has been awarded France’s Legion of Honor. 

The award was given for forming an international research collaboration and for scientific contributions utilising a novel methodology of identifying the viral modifications of human proteins that fueled SARS-CoV-2 pathology to identify potential treatments against Covid-19. 

Frédéric Jung, Consul General of France in San Francisco, noted: “Presenting Dr Krogan with France’s highest distinction is an expression of gratitude of our country towards him, given his leadership in building innovative cooperation projects between France and the US, in particular between QBI and the Institut Pasteur, both international centres of excellence in biosciences.” 

Separately, UCSF QBI and the Institut Pasteur will jointly establish the Institut Pasteur-UCSF QBI Center of Excellence in Emerging Infectious Diseases with planned operations in San Francisco and Paris. 

Professor Carla Saleh, Co-scientific Lead of the partnership and Principal Investigator, Viruses and RNA Unit, Department of Virology at the Institut Pasteur said: “We look forward to furthering our collaboration and bringing the unique strengths of each of our organisations to not only rapidly respond to global infectious disease challenges, but also focus our efforts on preemptively addressing matters that have potential to become pandemic.” 

Dr Krogan added: “This award will serve as additional inspiration to continue my work in revolutionising how we collaborate in science to solve some of the world’s biggest medical challenges.” 

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