Clinical data supports oral treatment for atopic dermatitis

Child with eczema

A new drug for atopic dermatitis (AD) has demonstrated a positive clinical effect and improvements in various efficacy endpoints after four weeks of treatment.

The Phase Ia/IIb study was designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and CCR4 surface receptor occupancy of zelnecirnon in eligible healthy subjects and subjects with moderate-to-severe AD.

After four weeks of treatment, patients with moderate-to-severe AD who received zelnecirnon showed a 36.3% change from baseline in the Eczema Area and Severity Index (EASI) score, compared to 17% in the placebo group.

In the two-week period following the end of treatment, the zelnecirnon group showed continued deepening of the response and a statistically significant difference compared to placebo, with a 53.2% change from baseline in EASI at the six-week time point compared to 9.6% in the placebo group.

“We are pleased to have these exciting data published in the prestigious, peer-reviewed journal Allergy,” said Brian Wong, President and CEO of RAPT Therapeutics. “These data strongly support the potential of zelnecirnon as a safe, once-daily, oral treatment for patients with atopic dermatitis which could be an attractive therapeutic alternative ahead of injectable drugs. We look forward to reporting top-line data from our Phase IIb trial in atopic dermatitis in mid-2024 and continuing to progress enrolment in our Phase IIa trial in asthma.”

Contract research organisation Innovaderm Research coordinated the trial, which involved a single ascending dose / multiple ascending dose (SAD/MAD) portion in healthy volunteer subjects, followed by a cohort of 31 AD participants.

“We take pride in our contribution to this project, for it stands as a testament to our dedication, collaboration, and commitment to advancing medical research,” said Robert Bissonnette, President and Founder of Innovaderm Research.

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