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Scaling up in vitro transcription: Key results and considerations

In vitro transcription (IVT) can be a complicated reaction. Scaling up this process requires a good understanding of the various reaction parameters that need to be optimised and controlled to give the best result in terms of mRNA yields and quality. In this presentation, a review of the results from scaling up the IVT reaction from […]

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Generative AI: Turning drug discovery into a technological pursuit

This webinar supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific and presented by Generate:Biomedicines will be free to attend on 12 October 9am EDT / 2pm BST / 3pm CEST. The webinar, hosted by DDW, will feature the expertise of Adam Root, Vice President, Protein Sciences at Generate:Biomedicines who will discuss how an integrated approach of using Cryo-EM […]

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AI & Lab Automation: What are the key benefits and latest innovations to be aware of?

In this webinar, hosted by DDW and co-sponsored by Benchling and Proscia, you will learn about the key benefits and latest innovations to be aware of in AI and lab automation. You will hear from Jeremy Skillington, CEO of Poolbeg Pharma, as well as sponsor presentations from Helen Liu-Mayo, Product Manager at Benchling, and Nathan […]

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Discover how iPSC derived cells can be used to support the development of drug and gene therapies

A considerable roadblock in the successful triaging of new therapeutics for liver and metabolic related diseases is the reliability and effectiveness of pre-clinical disease models. Methods employing animal models may have limited success in replicating liver diseases, primarily because of species-specific differences, furthermore, the utilisation of animal models to simulate liver disease phenotypes frequently leads […]

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Deriving context from immunological data with advanced flow cytometry

Advances in treatments for human diseases, including cancer, rely on the ability to gain detailed information into the function, modulation, and variation of the immune system in response to stimuli or immunological challenge. Insights derived from these data have, for example, revolutionized cancer treatment by enabling the development of adoptive cell transfer therapies, such as […]

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Challenges and opportunities in protein degradation

Many small molecule inhibitors have been approved as cancer therapeutics, but they can confer mutation-based drug resistance and many potential cancer targets remain “undruggable”. One emerging cancer therapeutic strategy that shows promise for drug development is the use of targeted protein degradation (TPD). This approach has many advantages, including the ability to aim at previously […]

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Using an automated CE-SDS platform in efficient biosimilar comparability studies

This event provided expert insight from Dr. Richard L. Easton, Technical Director of Structural Analysis at BioPharmaSpec. He provides data from studies with monoclonal antibodies, heavily glycosylated species and PEGylated species showing how the Maurice platform can be used to provide reliable insights into the structure of different types of biopharmaceuticals, including assessments of size […]

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A new path to the clinic using CRISPR-Cas screens and cell panel drug screens

Navigating from target identification to validation can be a complex process, so it makes sense to find the right assays and models to validate or refute a hypothesis ahead of spending vast amounts of money on clinical trials. CRISPR-Cas gene editing has made an impact in this space with forward genetic screens being seen as […]

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Covid targets in the crosshairs: Quality and speed from Arctoris’ Ulysses platform

Covid-19 has highlighted the current operational vulnerabilities in pharmaceutical research and in the drug discovery pipeline. Bringing new drugs to the market is still a slow and expensive process, with far too high costs, failure rates and cycle times. With low reproducibility and inefficient processes delaying the path to approval, the pandemic is prompting a […]

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Enhancing the predictability of preclinical development

Effective preclinical assessment of drug safety and efficacy is essential to help reduce the risk of drug-induced toxicity and late-stage drug attrition. Current preclinical tests for safety depend on in vivo testing in higher-order species to achieve translational accuracy; however, animal models are expensive and do not adequately recapitulate human physiology due to species differences. […]

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Evaluation of checkpoint inhibitor therapies using an MLR assay

Immune checkpoints are signalling molecules that control the synapse between T cells and antigen presenting cells (APCs). Checkpoint inhibitor therapies target and inhibit the signals that ‘switch off’ T cells, leading to an upregulation of T cell activation and tumour cell killing.  The mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) mimics the T cell and APC synapse by […]

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Putting the dynamics into compound profiling: using kinetic assays to shape early stage drug discovery

In vitro early stage compound profiling often focusses on single timepoint measurements of drug action, for example the affinity of the drug for its target at equilibrium, or the endpoint response in a signalling assay. However, in vivo, drug action occurs within a highly dynamic system. Drug and competing messenger concentrations at the site of […]

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Quantifying T cell exhaustion: An insight into BiTE antibodies and CAR-T cells

This webinar looks at T cell exhaustion. This is recognised as a major challenge in the development of immuno-oncology therapies. Used to describe the loss of effector function due to chronic antigen exposure, it commonly occurs within the tumour microenvironment. This impairs the T cells’ ability to effectively eradicate cancerous cells. The development of tumour […]

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The Kinetics of Drug-Receptor Binding: Why it is important and how we can measure it?

The Kinetics of Drug-Receptor Binding: Why it is important and how we can measure it? Sponsored by BMGLabtech & CISBio Optimizing the receptor binding kinetics of new drugs can have significant benefits, ranging from improved duration of action to enhanced efficacy through the insurmountable antagonism of dynamic physiological systems. Despite this, the kinetics of new […]

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