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High resolution electron cryo-microscopy: From membrane proteins to diseases

Watch the webinar High resolution electron cryo-microscopy: From membrane proteins to diseases, supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific.  The webinar demonstrates how cryo-EM is impacting high resolution structure biology from membrane proteins to diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer therapeutics by showing high-resolution structures of these proteins bound to inhibitors.  It is presented by Dr Abhay Kotecha, […]

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Utilising novel sample preparation techniques to enhance Cryo-EM structural analysis 

Cryo-EM has been adopted into drug discovery workflows by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries having proved itself capable of delivering atomic resolution structures for key targets, including integral membrane proteins such as GPCRs and ion channels.   More recently, significant improvements in throughput have seen use of the technique expand quickly within the sector. Key to […]

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An introduction into fragment-based drug discovery: webinar

Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) is a method used for finding hit compounds as one strategy of hit identification (hit ID) in the drug discovery process.   Introduction into Fragment Based Drug Discovery, hosted by DDW and supported by WuXi AppTec, is now available to watch online.  Fragments are small molecules with a low molecular weight (less […]

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Tips and Tricks on Obtaining Quality Data from Biosensors for Cell Signalling Assays

Tips and tricks on how to obtain and analyse high quality data from live cell, high throughput assays of signaling dynamics. Genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors enable continuous recording of cellular signaling in live cells. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented, real-time measurements of signaling dynamics, which is emerging as a critical determinant of physiological function and […]

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High throughput Octet BLI applications in early monoclonal antibody discovery

Charles River, Antibody Discovery group, has integrated computational immunology, antibody engineering and phage display technologies into its comprehensive antibody discovery platforms that rapidly deliver antibody hits or optimised variants with a range of affinities, cross-species coverage, and improved drug-like characteristics. Charles River uses label-free biosensors and other bioanalytical assays to support biochemical/biophysical characterisation of biotherapeutic […]

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Transforming lab automation for cellular applications

Automation has long been a buzzword associated with cutting-edge science, yet even in the most advanced labs it is usually only applied to specific assays and methods. However, by building automation across your full laboratory workflows and integrating it into existing protocols, Biotech R&D can be transformed. In this webinar, titled ‘Transforming lab automation for cellular […]

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Resolving complex biology with single cell and spatial multiomics

Single cell and spatial tools from 10 X Genomics are designed to deliver powerful, multiomic insights from complex disease samples that enable you to confidently fuel your target identification pipeline with the most promising candidates. Resolving complex biology with single cell and spatial multiomics was presented by Stephen Hague, Managing Lead Science & Technology Advisor […]

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AI in action: examples of AI across drug discovery

Drug discovery and development is a challenging multiparameter optimisation problem. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can help accurately predict the behaviour and properties of small molecules. In this on-demand webinar from X-Chem you will see: How AI and DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening are transforming early phase drug discovery How this can impact all stages […]

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Generating and validating critical antibody reagents

Antibodies are critical reagents applied in multiple biological areas, such as scientific research, therapeutics, and diagnosis. High-quality and reliable antibody reagents are the foundation of good assay performance. To learn more generating and validating critical antibody reagents view this free event hosted by DDW and supported by Sino Biological. The webinar took place on 16 June […]

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CRISPR-Cas9 screening: a powerful approach to drug discovery

View this webinar by DDW and supported by Horizon Discovery which examines CRISPR-Cas9 screening and how it offers a powerful approach to advancing drug discovery and the understanding of genetic disease. The event took  place on 9 June 2022. View the webinar here. Joanna Gawden-Bone, Manager, Cell Based Screening, Horizon Discovery will explain how leveraging CRISPR-Cas9 […]

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