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rAAV Genome sequencing uncovers transgene integrity and packaging impurities

Recombinant adeno-associated viruses (rAAVs) are considered a promising delivery system for gene therapy medicines. This webinar will highlight how long-read nanopore sequencing as a comprehensive and sensitive QC method for rAAVs were evaluated — which is supporting internal research activities at AstraZeneca. Attendees will hear how library preparation, assessed data quality, and generated important rAAV […]

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Where is the opportunity in the therapeutic antibody market?

In this free webinar, you will hear from Dr Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs at Cancer Research Institute; Dr Roger Levy, Senior Global Medical Director, GSK Specialty Medicine; Dr Sheila Keating, VP of Immunology at Gigagen; as well as event sponsors Dr Milind Nigam, Leader – Scientific Solutions Consulting at Benchling, and […]

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Higher throughput bioanalytical methods accelerate the development and evaluation of advanced biotherapeutics

Successful development of advanced biotherapeutics relies on extensive characterisation and tight quality control. Characterising binding properties of complex biomolecules is a critical step. Biophysical data combined with functional assays are needed to predict efficacy and potency, optimise drug delivery, assess critical quality attributes, and improve biologics drug design. Traditional approaches have limited use in a complex […]

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Enhancing collaboration between sponsors and contract partners in drug discovery

Most contemporary drug discovery companies (sponsors) outsource some (or all) drug development to external contract partners, eg. Contract Research Organisations (CROs) and/or Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs). Communication between sponsor and contract organisation is largely done via email and poorly structured Excel reports which is a highly manual, inefficient, and error-prone process. Additionally, sponsors […]

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CRISPR screening at scale: Achieving 1M cell data sets with an instrument-free, cost-effective approach

Pooled CRISPR screens offer the ability to knock out or perturb many genes in a single experiment from several hundred to tens of thousands of targets in parallel. Genome-wide screens are becoming the standard for drug discovery to power unbiased identification of drug targets across gene regulatory networks. Requiring single-cell genomics as the data output, […]

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Webinars on Demand

Drug discovery and development trends – what will have most impact?

Hosted by DDW and sponsored by DNA Script, watch this free roundtable on demand to learn about the biggest opportunities for the future of drug discovery and development. Roundtable panellists include Commercial Research Scientist, Dr Mark Treherne, CEO of Elevation Oncology, Joe Ferra, and CEO of BioXcel Therapeutics, Vimal Mehta. Panellists discuss the following questions: […]

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Cancer immunotherapy – where will the future opportunities be?

Watch this free webinar to learn about the biggest opportunities for the future of cancer immunotherapy.   In this free webinar, you will hear from immunologist Dr Frédéric Triebel, CSO and CMO of Immutep, two experts from DeciBio: Dr Carl Schoellhammer, Principal, and Dr Joe Daccache, Senior Life Science Expert, Veronique Baron, Scientific Applications Manager, Marketing […]

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Neuronal metabolism and its impact on early drug discovery

CLN7 neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis is an inherited lysosomal storage neurodegenerative disease highly prevalent in children. In her webinar, Dr García Macía discusses how failure in autophagy causes the accumulation of structurally and bioenergetically impaired neuronal mitochondria in the mouse model of CLN7 disease, and how the mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (mROS) in Cln7 disease neurons […]

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How next-generation sequencing is informing oncology drug discovery

Watch this free webinar to learn about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the NGS oncology space.   You will hear from Darrell Green, a lecturer in RNA Biology at Norwich Medical School, Panna Sharma, CEO of Lantern Pharma, as well as Dr Stephane Budel and Dr Miguel Edwards, Founding Partner and Partner at DeciBio.  In […]

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Connected chemistry: How to choose the most promising drug candidates from your hit list

AI and machine learning (AI/ML) methods offer an alluring way to expedite the drug discovery process by delivering a large number of possible new candidates for any given therapeutic area. However, insight from medicinal chemists is still necessary to triage and prioritise the most promising molecules for synthesis, and progress these through the Design-Make-Test-Analyse (DMTA) […]

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Cell and gene therapy: sustaining growth and maximising opportunities

Cell and gene therapies are transforming the way diseases are treated. As research progresses it is hoped that cell and gene therapies will offer innovation for the future. In this on-demand webinar you will hear from CBO/CDO of Adthera Bio, Stuart Curbishley, Chief Executive Officer of Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult, Matthew Durdy, Founder and […]

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Improving cell therapies with high-throughput CAR libraries

CAR-T cell therapies are a promising approach for treating solid tumours. But identifying appropriate T-cell receptor (TCR) domains that exclusively target tumour antigens remains a challenge. Toxicity, tumour activation, and tumour persistence are significant challenges to using CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumours. In this webinar, Twist Bioscience’s CSO, Aaron Sato, will present several proof-of-concept […]

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Harnessing the power of IgE antibodies to create novel therapeutics

From human B cells to engineered antibodies, IgGenix is taking a novel approach towards breaking through the last frontier of immunology: allergies. By reengineering key antibodies in the allergic cascade, this biotech company is developing a first-in-class therapy for the millions of people whose daily lives are limited by food allergies and other severe allergic […]

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Accessing broad B cell diversity to rapidly identify high-value rabbit monoclonal antibodies

Opto B Discovery on the Beacon optofluidic system is designed to enable rapid selection of lead candidates by function-forward screening of B cells in under one week. This presentation will introduce Berkeley Lights’ newest antibody discovery workflow, the Opto Memory B Discovery workflow, and share how customers are using the workflow to screen rabbit memory […]

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Embedding quality into cell line development through the application of an innovative picodroplet-based single cell sorter

Generation of a highly expressing, regulatory acceptable clonal cell line is the first key activity in the development of a biopharmaceutical. Cell line development is labour intensive, time consuming and costly and is subject to stringent regulations to ensure patient safety. All cell lines used to produce clinical batches of biopharmaceuticals are required to conform […]

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Broadening drug discovery: Use of unperturbed, native state cells to uncover true biological targets at single-cell level

Extensive manipulation, mechanical force, and labelling methods used to enrich cells activate transcriptional programs that mask molecular profiles truly significant to any underlying disease. The consequence is identification of drug targets that are not relevant to the biological process under study. Based on Nakhoda and Olszanski, 2022 (Addressing Recent Failures in Immuno-Oncology Trials to Guide […]

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Early phase support for plasmid DNA supply to secure future manufacturing

One critical bottleneck in Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) manufacturing is the production of high-quality plasmid DNA (pDNA), a vital building block for mRNA-based vaccines, viral vector-based cell or gene therapies that require pDNA as a starting material. Building a robust supply of GMP-grade pDNA requires that quality be a focal point of the production […]

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Reveal the best drug targets with Engineered Cell Libraries

CRISPR-based knockouts are the gold-standard genetic perturbation method in target identification and validation. However, efficient CRISPR knockout editing and transfection for arrayed screening require specialised skills and infrastructure that your organisation may not have. What if you could receive ready-to-use CRISPR-edited cells without needing to handle, optimise, and transfect your CRISPR library?  In this on-demand […]

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Innovative assays for neurodegeneration drug discovery programs

Neurodegenerative diseases are characterised by neuronal damage, degradation of the blood-brain barrier and failures in the normal repair mechanisms of the brain. Many of the most promising areas of drug development in this field target neuroinflammation and remyelination. In this on-demand webinar, presented by Dr Elise Malavasi, Principal Scientist at Concept Life Sciences, we use […]

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High resolution electron cryo-microscopy: From membrane proteins to diseases

Watch the webinar High resolution electron cryo-microscopy: From membrane proteins to diseases, supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific.  The webinar demonstrates how cryo-EM is impacting high resolution structure biology from membrane proteins to diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer therapeutics by showing high-resolution structures of these proteins bound to inhibitors.  It is presented by Dr Abhay Kotecha, […]

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Utilising novel sample preparation techniques to enhance Cryo-EM structural analysis 

Cryo-EM has been adopted into drug discovery workflows by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries having proved itself capable of delivering atomic resolution structures for key targets, including integral membrane proteins such as GPCRs and ion channels.   More recently, significant improvements in throughput have seen use of the technique expand quickly within the sector. Key to […]

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