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SARS-CoV-2 detection workflow in wastewater

Monitoring wastewater for SARS-CoV-2 – or Coronavirus as it is more commonly known – can be a valuable data resource for an effective Covid-19 management. However, there are several challenges involved in detecting biological parameters in wastewater. Fortunately, there are also several solutions available to overcome them. Wastewater can be a carrier medium of SARS-CoV- […]

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Flow Cytometry Basics Guide

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool allowing you to detect, measure, and quantify single cells or particles in suspension as they pass through a laser. However, to produce impactful results, experiments must be designed with care. This guide takes you through the fundamentals of flow cytometry, provides useful practical advice to optimise your experiments and […]

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Targeting kinases involved in the innate immune response 

Clinical trials continue to determine whether therapeutic modulation of kinases can be used to suppress the immune system in autoimmune diseases or stimulate for antiviral and cancer immunotherapy. The discovery and characterisation of small molecule modulators have aided these efforts.   The Transcreener ADP² Kinase Assay meets this need as it relies on direct ADP detection to measure the activity […]

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Radioactivity Assays for Methyltransferases

SAMDI Tech’s radioactivity assays overcome key challenges in drug discovery by offering key solutions, including: Detecting low amounts of product with sensitive assays Generating data rapidly with high-throughput, 384-well capabilities Characterising potent inhibitors by benefiting from lower enzyme concentrations In this free to download TechNote, learn how SAMDI Tech’s radioactivity assay characterised low turnover methyltransferase […]

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Antibody Production

In immunoassays-based research, immunodiagnostics, as well as immunotherapy, one of the highly critical aspect of antibodies is their reproducible performance. Antibody reproducibility is driven by their specificity and several other factors ranging from antibody design to target validation. This NEW eBook Antibody Production gives you an overview of the antibody’s life cycle by covering the following sub-topics: […]

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Bridging the throughput gap: Process optimisation in antibody discovery workflows

Discover how process optimisation utilising automated synthetic biology solutions can remove the antibody sequence cloning bottleneck that divides high-content lead identification and downstream high throughput characterisation. If your work involves antibody discovery or process improvement in recombinant cloning don’t miss this whitepaper illustrating how Codex DNA’s synthetic biology solutions can accelerate antibody discovery workflows. In […]

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Advantages of conducting clinical studies with CROs in Central and Eastern Europe

Discover how Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) provides an attractive environment to conduct clinical studies of any phase while partnered with a local CRO. Research Professionals’ Managing Partner, György Barta (PharmD) discusses the many benefits of conducting clinical studies in CEE as well how Research Professionals, a leading CRO with operations in Hungary, Poland, Romania, […]

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Partnering with drug discovery service providers: challenges and solutions

Drug discovery contract research organizations (CROs) offer an established infrastructure and experience that offers promising paths forward for various research projects. However, partnering with a CRO also presents key challenges, and companies should consider three questions: How long until data is delivered? Will the quality of the data instill confidence in a critical go/no-go decision? […]

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Case Study

Pairing the Right Small Molecule Library with Innovative High-Throughput Screening Creates More Therapeutic Opportunity

Finding an encouraging drug lead that selectively engages a target of interest is the result of several critical matches that lead to successful drug discovery programmes, including: Matching a small molecule library with an innovative assay technology Matching a primary screening platform with orthogonal assays to validate hits Matching a drug discovery company with a […]

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Cubis Laboratory Balances in Vaccine Research and Development

Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases, and is considered one of the greatest achievements in medicine. Until today, various vaccines against several crucial diseases (including influenza, chicken pox, or HPV) have been developed that save millions of lives.   The continuous emergence of new diseases and concerns regarding safety, vaccine research and development became […]

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