Advancements driving drug discovery in immuno-oncology

This latest 28 page eBook sponsored by Twist Bioscience features insights and expert opinions on the latest advancements occurring in immuno-oncology and drug discovery. Read this eBook to learn about: The challenges and opportunities facing CAR-T cell therapies Targeting GPCRs in cancer drug discovery The immuno-oncology landscape and its many pathways

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Efficiently develop antibody-based therapeutics

In the Quality by Design (QbD) approach to antibody-based therapeutics development, stability characterisation —the probability of a protein unfolding or denaturing— is performed to ensure that structure and function are preserved throughout development and manufacturing.  Antibodies are affected by many factors along their journey to become therapeutics. Stability characterisation assays are therefore pivotal to determine […]

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Using microfluidics in drug discovery

Download this 24-page DDW eBook, sponsored by Emulate, to learn about: How microfluidics is fuelling innovation in drug discovery A detailed look at the organ-on-a-chip sector How human tissue chips are helping advance our understanding of biology Download now.

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LC-MS Analysis for (Bio)pharmaceutical Research

In the seventh eBook of the Hamilton series “LC-MS Analysis for (Bio)pharmaceutical Research”, we discuss: The role of LC-MS in the drug development process The drivers behind the need for LC-MS sample prep automation in biopharma The modules and full liquid handling automation solutions that Hamilton offers for LC-MS sample preparation Download the ebook.

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Analysis in the lab: Advancing drug discovery

Learn about the critical role analytical tools and equipment have in helping to advance drug discovery research in this DDW ebook sponsored by Sartorius. This ebook covers: Opinions on the major trends in lab analytics. Measuring the pharmacokinetics of monoclonal antibodies. Best practices in cell line development Access the eBook here.

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Make the switch to label-free interaction analysis

Conventional bioassays rely on enzyme or fluorescent labels to detect biomolecular interactions. These come with challenges that lead to skewed and inaccurate results. In this eBook, learn how label-free interaction techniques drive: Faster analysis – fewer sample preparation steps More sensitive analysis – enabling close observation of small and fragment molecules and proteins in complex matrices […]

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DDW Synthetic Biology ebook: Advancing drug discovery

This e-book, sponsored by Evonetix, contains exclusive insight from industry experts on how synthetic biology is innovating and advancing drug discovery.   Key topics include:   Four key approaches to synthetic biology  The global advances in synthetic biology drug discovery Why synthetic biology is the next big step for biopharma  What an organoid innovation centre means for 3D biology […]

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Biologics workflow ebook out now – a researcher’s guide to Dynamic Light Scattering

This e-book by NanoTemper looks at the workflows researchers are using in the biologics space and the benefits dynamic light scattering (DLS) offers. You will find out: What biologics are and why they’re important How DLS gives you information about your samples and what that data means Tips and considerations when designing your own DLS […]

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3D Model Systems ebook out now – Spheroids, Organoids, and Tissue Models

Culturing cells in 3D is simply a more realistic way to model how cells move and function in vitro. Spheroids, organoids, and more complex 3D systems have been invaluable to research, drug discovery, and personalised medicine. This e-book, sponsored by Corning, offers a practical guide for demystifying spheroids and organoids together with helpful tips for successfully […]

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DDW exclusive ebook: AI in drug discovery

AI in drug discovery eBook out now   This 28-page DDW eBook, sponsored by Benchling, contains exclusive insight from industry experts on how technology is driving innovation.   Key topics include:   The benefits of AI in the lab   Precision medicine and AI   The next step in big data and AI   Making life science data work for the […]

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