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When to outsource to an integrated drug discovery team

Despite the chaos of 2020, drug discovery has powered on, allbeit with some adaptations. One change has been the increased demand for outsourcing services, particularly from small and mid-sized pharma and biopharma companies eager to cut costs and gain access to technical expertise. It’s a smart approach, but not all contract research organisations (CROs) are […]

Process Control and Sample Integrity: Get Your Project Back on Track

The incredible response from the worldwide scientific community to COVID-19 has led to a focussed surge in activity for many established and new labs. Conversely many labs have had to shut down operations during the pandemic to mitigate the risk to their teams, delaying projects and creating bottlenecks in sample processing.  With these delays it […]

Implementation of rapid, reproducible, homogeneous, and cost-effective 3D matrix-based models on primary human pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is among the most lethal forms of metastasis and the large majority of these are exocrine in nature. Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), an exocrine neoplasm, is the most common and aggressive form of this disease. Lack of effective treatment options is one of the many contributors to mortality. To study PDACs, human tumour […]

Octet systems: Advancing development of corona virus vaccine and therapeutics

Research to end the COVID-19 pandemic has focused on both development of vaccines to prevent infection and therapeutic strategies to treat those already infected. Octet® systems are furthering the understanding of the biomolecular relationship between Coronavirus antibodies, epitope, kinetics and affinity, with a simple workflow allowing rapid and low-cost assay development. Octet BLI platforms are […]

Conquer throughput barriers with the Echo ® MS System

RUN FAST: This ultra-high sample throughput system for Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS) delivers speed, scale and reproducibility with unyielding data quality. The Echo® MS System leverages industry leading quantitative MS technology from SCIEX to deliver a highly sensitive solution that can redefine your current and future high-throughput workflows. SPEED: The Echo® MS System allows […]