App Notes

Kinetically quantify neuronal outgrowth using live-cell analysis

Monitoring neuronal morphology in long-term in vitro cell cultures is critical for characterisation and evaluation of disease models and to understand neuronal development. Ideally, approaches to track neurite dynamics would allow continuous automated measurements of structural parameters, including neurite length and number of branch points. These methods should be non-perturbing and enable quantification of neurons […]

Characterising the phenotype of an isogenic, human iPSC-derived Huntington’s disease model by MEA

Currently, no effective cure or treatment for Huntington’s disease exists. To accelerate Huntington’s disease research and drug discovery, researchers need access to physiologically relevant human disease models that recapitulate patient phenotypes, in combination with more advanced methods to understand the underlying mechanisms of the disease. In this App Note you will learn: How Charles River […]

Rapid development of automated Sars-CoV-2 clinical diagnostics

Download the App Note to learn about: How to create and share an automated workflow for rapid development and validation of SARS-CoV-2 clinical diagnostics. The highly scalable liquid handling platform, CyBio FeliX for clinical diagnostics – it provides magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction, eliminating laborious and time-consuming column-based binding and spinning steps. Automating your diagnostic […]

Afucosylated mAb expression benefits therapeutic antibody efficacy

Currently, at least 35 glycoengineered antibodies, with their Fc fucose partially or entirely removed, have been investigated in animal models or clinical trials. The absence of fucose on the Fc N-glycan increases IgG1 Fc binding affinity to the FcγRIIIa on immune effector cells like natural killer cells. It results in increased antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). […]

High throughput MALDI workflow with automated liquid handling

Download this App Note from Analytik Jena to learn about: Detection of lipid changes in microglia cells in generating therapeutic approach towards neuroinflammation diseases Application of label-free matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation (MALDI) MS cell fingerprinting workflows or cellular assays capable of characterising drug off-target responses with high throughput sample preparation done by Cybio FeliX Workflows to investigate […]

Flow cytometry protocols for extracellular & intracellular targets

Flow cytometry is a high throughput quantitative analysis tool that employs fluorescent-labelled molecules for multi-parametric analysis of millions of individual cells or particles. In biomedical sciences, the flow cytometry assays involve a careful selection of antibodies, fluorochrome labels for detection, and often requires optimisation of protocols for an accurate analysis of sample specific target antigens. […]