launches custom disease model cells

ioDisease Model Cells

Cell coding company has launched a new disease model cell offering enabling scientists to commission disease-relevant mutation of interest.  

The company’s new Custom ioDisease Model Cells offering lets scientists choose the disease-relevant mutation they’re interested in. The disease-relevant mutation is engineered into’s human ioWild Type cells using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. 

As disease model cells come from an identical human genetic background to ioWild Type cells, any experimental differences observed between the wild type and the disease model can be confidently attributed to the effects caused by the disease-specific mutations. 

The company’s cells are reprogrammed using’s precision cellular reprogramming technology opti-ox. This enables the manufacture of any human cell type at scale with precision and consistency, making the models suited to screening applications for early drug discovery as well as for fundamental research. 

Typically, scientists have relied on animal models and cell lines that differ considerably from human biology due to a lack of standardised and accessible human cell models. iPSC-derived cells from patients offer a human model for disease research but sourcing them with the disease-specific mutation of interest can be a complex and time-consuming process. 

These cells also often lack standardisation and optimised, fast protocols, making it difficult to generate consistent data and scalable disease models. 

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