Back to business: ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022

DDW Editor Reece Armstrong looks ahead to ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 and why he and the team are excited to attend.

It’s no secret that over the past couple of years, tradeshows within the life sciences sector, and indeed in general across the globe, have taken a massive hit. The Covid-19 pandemic all but put a stop to face-to-face meetings and as such changed the way the life sciences industry did business.

That’s why it will be great to attend this year’s ELRIG Drug Discovery event with the DDW team. As my first ELRIG Drug Discovery event as DDW’s Editor, I’m excited to meet and engage with many of the industry’s top innovators once again. Online events may have served well throughout the pandemic, but face-to-face tradeshows really give you an idea of the enthusiasm that stems from this industry.

ELRIG promises to deliver on that enthusiasm this year with a show that is set to highlight the key advancements and technology driving drug discovery. In fact, based on feedback from previous years, ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 will offer its broadest scientific programme to date, meaning that visitors to the show will be able to access insights into topics that are suited to their businesses and research.

As someone who has worked within pharma publishing for a number of years now but is still getting introduced to the drug discovery sector, I’m particularly looking forward to learning about topics and trends including automation, high- content screening and imaging, cell and gene therapies and how sustainability are all playing a part in the sector.

The pandemic taught us that the life sciences industry is one of the most important sectors safeguarding human health. At ELRIG Drug Discovery it will be fascinating to see just what companies in the industry are doing to combat current and future threats against human health.

The event offers ample opportunity for curious minds with over 120 vendors presenting their products and services. Part of the appeal of face-to-face events come from being able to see first-hand the innovations on offer from industry players and a tour of the exhibition hall is certainly needed to understand just how exciting this sector truly is.

And of course, with any live event, networking will form an important and crucial part to many visitors’ attendance. Back to that note on enthusiasm, I’m excited to meet all of you working in the sector to find out about both your innovations and get your thoughts on some of the key topics that are really affecting the industry currently.

As more focus is placed on cultural issues within the industry, sessions on equality, diversity and inclusion should be well attended and will offer insight into the progress being made by the life sciences sector in regard to these challenges.

Of note this year is its focus on early career professionals (ECPs), who serve as the up- and-comers of the life sciences industry and many of whom could be on the forefront of exciting advancements in the sector.

It’s great to see ELRIG Drug Discovery this year enabling ECPs to make the most of their time at the show and gain a better understanding of how to advance their careers. ECPs will be able to take part in career development workshops, with panel discussions on founding a biotech start-up to and helping with building professional networks for those vital connections.

Needless to say, I, and the whole of the DDW team are excited to attended ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 and can’t wait to meet so many of you in a space that is rich in enthusiasm, ideas and innovation. Be sure to mark this event on your calendars, it’s not one to be missed!

Volume 23 – Issue 4, Fall 2022 / ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 supplement 

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