AstraZeneca joins Cambridge scientific innovation committee

Cambridge University

An initial 100 organisations have signed an agreement to support, promote and enhance innovation in the Greater Cambridge area. 

Signatories to the ‘Innovate Cambridge Charter’ also hope to develop a set of ecosystem-wide initiatives that ensure Cambridge continues to compete effectively on the international stage in the future. 

Cambridge Enterprise, Cambridge Innovation Capital, and the University of Cambridge launched ‘Innovate Cambridge’ in September 2022 to create an inclusive vision for the future of Greater Cambridge that will be implemented over the next decade.  

To date local government, start-ups, universities, science parks and investors, have backed the charter, joining industry leaders, such as AstraZeneca, Microsoft, and Arm, with more signatories expected to sign soon. 

Tabitha Goldstaub, CogX co-founder and UK Government advisor, has been appointed Innovate Cambridge’s Executive Director, alongside the Rt Hon Lord Willetts, who has been appointed as the Chair of the initiative’s steering committee. 

Goldstaub said: “I’m looking forward to working with stakeholders and charter signatories to ensure that the benefits of the science and technology conceived in the city are felt by all areas of society, globally and locally, here in the Greater Cambridge region. It is clear from the early responses that organisations from across the city share a determination to rally around a combined vision for the future.”  




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