Arctoris Ltd Successfully Moves into its New Global Headquarters in Oxford, UK

State-of-the art facility is home to the company’s next-generation, fully automated platform for drug discovery.

Arctoris Ltd, the developer of the world’s first fully automated drug discovery platform, today opened the doors to its new global headquarters and state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) facility in Oxford, UK. Housing the company’s proprietary technology and providing space for its rapidly growing commercial and scientific teams, the facility will enable Arctoris to continue to support its research partners around the world with its structured, automated approach to drug discovery.

At the heart of the new scientific facility is the next-generation, fully automated platform developed by the drug discovery experts, engineers and roboticists at Arctoris. The platform efficiently generates reproducible data from biochemical, cell-based and molecular biology assays. The rapid turnaround enables shorter cycle times – and therefore more design-make-test-analyse iterations – for their drug discovery partners. This end-to-end robotic platform provides biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical corporations and academic centres with cost-effective and reproducible drug discovery data – all through an online portal that streamlines experiment planning, ordering, tracking and data analysis.

Martin-Immanuel Bittner MD DPhil, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Arctoris, said, “Investing in new global headquarters and greatly enhanced R&D facility in our home city of Oxford, UK, an internationally-renowned centre of scientific excellence, demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering the highest standards of data available to our partners. This state-of-the-art home for our next-generation robotic platform enables our growing team of experts to provide scientists across the globe with access to reproducible data through a rapid and fully-validated approach to drug discovery.”

Having settled into its new headquarters, Arctoris will continue delivering high quality, reproducible drug discovery data to its customers through access to a library of validated drug discovery protocols designed to support hit-to-lead analysis, lead optimisation, mechanistic profiling and additional preclinical studies. This will enable scientists to make rapid, informed decision-making in basic biology, target validation, toxicology and phenotypic screening for drug characterisation, optimisation and selection.

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