Alamar and Abcam to drive understanding of human proteomes 

Alamar Biosciences, a proteomics platform, and Abcam, innovators in life sciences research tools, have partnered to further their understanding of the human proteome. 


The field of proteomic analysis is in the spotlight. Its advance not only enhances the understanding of fundamental biology, but also sheds light on the status of human health and disease. A deeper understanding of the proteome will reportedly play a crucial role in enabling the next wave of innovations in research, diagnostics and therapeutics. This requires new technology platforms that are able to address the two essential goals in proteomic analysis, namely the ability to go as deeply as possible to detect very low abundance proteins and the ability to profile thousands of proteins in a single sample. 

Official comments 

Dr. Yuling Luo, Founder & CEO of Alamar, commented: “Alamar is working to enable the early detection of cancer and other diseases by simultaneous measurement of hundreds to thousands of targets, even those present in minute amounts. We are very happy to partner with Abcam to access their extensive portfolio of recombinant monoclonal antibody pairs, which will accelerate our ability to bring our proteomic discovery tools to researchers.” 

“We are excited to be partnering with Alamar as they develop an automated proteomics platform that has the potential to offer unprecedented combination of sensitivity, plex-level and dynamic range,” commented Dr Emma Sceats, SVP Sales, Service and Business Development at Abcam. “The NULISA technology platform will provide an important tool for life science research, pharmaceutical development and diagnostics, enhancing understanding of the circulating proteome and supporting low abundance biomarker discovery. Such capability will be critical for the discovery and measurement of many proteins in human plasma and other samples that are currently undetectable.” 

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