Advances in cell and protein analysis for virology research

This free to listen podcast and DDW exclusive, features Dr Hongshan Li, Applications Manager, Sartorius, discussing advances in cell and protein analysis for virology research.

This episode only available to download here, examines virology research – what’s currently happening in the sector and how new advances in technology are helping push forward innovation and drug development. With COVID-19 playing such a significant role in the drug discovery and development industry over the last year, we find out what effect it has had and Dr Li explains how we can take some of the methodologies that have arisen from the pandemic and use them to drive innovation in virology research.

In more detail, this episode provides:

  • An overview of current global virology research. Has the need to explore this area of science grown due to the pandemic and if so, where are the opportunities currently for research?
  • The pandemic has highlighted the need for more understanding in and knowledge of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs). How has the drug discovery and development sector responded to this and exposed the areas that need to be developed in EIDs?
  • Expertise on how to optimise process, get to market faster and more efficiently.
  • Insight into research around coronaviruses and spike proteins as targets for therapeutics.
  • Details about cell and protein analysis technologies relevant to this area of research and how these types of technologies can help speed up the discovery process.
  • A view on the future of virology research – where the areas of opportunity will be looking head and how can the research community prepare itself to be best placed to tackle new emerging threats should they arise.

Dr Li has many years of experience in the development and optimisation of bioassay platforms and is currently focussing on novel assay development.

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