Advanced BioMatrix Acquires HyStem from Lineage Cell Therapeutics

Advanced BioMatrix has acquired the HyStem line of products from Lineage Cell Therapeutics – previously BioTime/ESI Bio/Glycosan.

HyStem® kits are based on innovative thiolated hyaluronic acid technology. With HyStem®, researchers can create customizable 3D hydrogels for culturing cells whose natural environment is rich in hyaluronic acid.

This acquisition includes the transfer of technology, intellectual property, know-how and assets for the manufacturing and sale of HyStem® products for research and development purposes. ABM and LTC are working closely together to ensure an efficient and seamless handover of the manufacturing, testing and distribution of products to users of the HyStem® products.

ABM began providing and distributing HyStem® products on October 1, 2019. ABM plans to manufacture and supply the full product line including HyStem®, HyStem-C® and HyStem-HP® kits, as well as the individual kit components in bulk format.

According to David Bagley, President of Advanced BioMatrix, “the HyStem® family of hyaluronan-based hydrogels is highly complementary and fits perfectly into our catalog of innovative 3D matrices and hydrogels. This acquisition will further strengthen the Advanced BioMatrix position as an industry leader in extracellular matrices and provide a broader range of high-quality products to our customers. We are eager to work with each of our existing and new customers to ensure unparalleled level of product quality and supply.”

HyStem® products have contributed to hundreds of breakthrough publications. In order to help continue the success of HyStem® products, Advanced BioMatrix is implementing the following:

1.Production of HyStem® products in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and cleanrooms.

2.More rigorous quality control testing – rheology, viscosity and additional quality control tests on each batch of material to measure and control the consistency of HyStem® hydrogels.

3.Stringent manufacturing protocols and specifications to ensure product lot-to-lot consistency.

4.Provide a Certificate of Analysis for each batch of product.

5.Utilization of the Advanced BioMatrix extensive distribution networks to minimize international shipping delays.

For more information on the Advanced BioMatrix acquisition of HyStem®, please visit

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