About Drug Discovery World
About Drug Discovery World (DDW)

About Drug Discovery World (DDW)

Now in its 20th year, Drug Discovery World (DDW) still remains the world’s only truly global business review of all aspects of drug discovery and development, having firmly established itself as a highly-respected and ‘must read’ journal within the drug discovery and development arena.

DDW is renowned for voicing the opinions of some of the industry’s leading luminaries and has become a recognised ‘platform’ for ‘industry gurus’ to discuss and encourage debate on some of the more challenging issues surrounding the technological, strategic and business facets of pharma and biopharmaceutical industry. Indeed, there is no doubt the articles that DDW has carried over recent years have had an impact in forming and moulding the drug discovery and development industry that we see today and will continue to see over the next few years. DDW has always adhered to the maxim... ‘Turning Science into Business’.

DDW examines the advances in new science and technology with a view to the commercial implications of implementing those advances and whether they can truly bring benefits to the drug discovery and development process with the goal of reducing costs and attrition rates while, ultimately, bringing new truly efficacious and safe therapeutics to the market faster.

DDW is totally distinguishable from other journals in that it reaches out to a truly global audience at both bench and boardroom level, allowing them to understand the new technologies, science and strategies and the impact they can have on their particular segments of the business.

Scientist and CEO alike can profit from the uncomplicated style of the editorial and, furthermore, gain a wealth of information on a diverse range of life science topics. In our articles we continually challenge the industry to look at new ways of overcoming discovery bottlenecks, embrace new technologies, form relationships with discovery partners and build next-generation technology platforms.


Publisher and Editor in Chief: Robert Jordan

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