AbCellera agreement to use humanised mice platform for antibody discovery

21 July 2020
Image: Henry Lai

AbCellera has entered into an agreement with Alloy Therapeutics to use the ATX-Gx humanised mice platform to enable best-in-class in vivo human antibody discovery for its partner programs.

Under the terms of the agreement, AbCellera will offer its biotech and pharma partners access to ATX-Gx, Alloy’s proprietary suite of immunocompetent transgenic mice, for use in any antibody discovery program and against any therapeutic target.

Mice that produce human antibodies are one of the most successful drug discovery approaches to obtaining fully human therapeutic antibodies. Adding Alloy’s ATX-Gx mice to AbCellera’s antibody discovery platform provides biotech and pharma partners with an efficient, accessible, and integrated solution to accelerate the discovery of fully human therapeutic antibodies for best-in-class treatments for human diseases.

“Using humanised rodents is an ideal approach for finding lead human antibody molecules for the vast majority of drug targets,” said Kevin Heyries, Head of Business Development at AbCellera. “Most discovery programs use disconnected workflows and fragmented technologies that limit access to the animal’s natural diversity. By integrating Alloy’s ATX-Gx mice into our platform, we provide our partners with unrestricted access to the natural immune diversity of these animals, and under competitive business terms.”

AbCellera screens, selects, and analyses millions of naturally produced antibodies to find next-generation drug candidates. AbCellera’s AI-powered, full stack drug discovery platform includes integrated capabilities for reagent generation, immunization, antibody engineering and biophysical characterisation of lead candidate antibodies to shorten the timeline to clinic. AbCellera’s core technology is a high-throughput microfluidic platform that uses miniaturized assays to screen antibodies from millions of individual immune cells from any species. Combined with Celium, AbCellera’s powerful antibody visualisation and exploration software, the platform can search and analyse natural immune systems with unmatched speed and depth to deliver diverse sets of high-quality antibody drug candidates.

“We are excited to partner with AbCellera to bring ATX-Gx mice together with AbCellera’s proprietary single-cell screening and integrated discovery services,” said Errik Anderson, CEO of Alloy Therapeutics. “Alloy is committed to making foundational technologies broadly available to every researcher in the world. By working together, AbCellera can efficiently capture the comprehensive antibody diversity generated by the ATX-Gx mice and accelerate the development of new medicines to patients.”

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