Drug Discovery World
DDW Fall 2011

DNA Diagnostics gets Digitised:
Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) has during the last two decades emerged as the preferred technology for nucleic acid analysis in routine as well as in research

SMAC Mimetics:
Smac mimetics are a new class of targeted drugs being developed for the treatment of solid tumours and hematologic cancers

Combining Chemists expertise and a computers advanced capabilities to generate "good" ideas.
One of the defining challenges of drug discovery is the need to make complex decisions regarding the design and selection of potential drug molecules based on a relative scarcity of experimental data

Stem Cell Technology - delivering the promise:
The promise of stem cell technology as a tool for drug discovery, drug development and as a therapeutic modality is no longer in the future but part of contemporary healthcare.

Epigenetics- Targeting the Mediator between environment and phenotype:
Although it is still early days in terms of our understanding of epigenetics, the fast development of new tools and technologies to define genome-wide epigenetic variations in humans has the potential to enable effective new epigenetic therapies and diagnostic tests for a wide range of diseases beyond and including cancer.

8 Years of surveying ion channel screening - has anything changed?:
No review of ion channel screening over the past decade can avoid discussing the pivotal role played by automated electrophysiology. Arguably this technology, more than any other, has opened up the field to wider investigation, made ion channels more accessible as drug targets and facilitated the drive towards highest possible data quality.

Latest weather forecast: more clouds on the horizon...:
Cloud collaboration has allowed projects of previously unimaginable scale and scope to be constructed at an unmet price/performance ratio.

Targeting target cancer metabolism- what is fuelling the resurgence?
Targeting the metabolic pathways of cancer is a hot topic for drug discovery. The central dogma is that cancers have a higher demand for metabolic inputs to aid proliferation and survival and that this could be an Achilles heal which could be exploited therapeutically.