Drug Discovery World
UX Design maximising the value of scientific software in life science R&D
By Dr Jennifer Cham & Katrina Costa

Using scientific software can be frustrating and time-consuming, resulting in less productive research. This article aims to demonstrate that User Experience (UX) Design offers specific efficiency benefits for life science R&D.

Already well-established in other industries, such as retail and finance, UX design holds great unlocked potential for scientific software design. Because it offers a clear path to differentiating a business and reaping benefits for the discovery pipeline, the authors suggest ways to incorporate it seamlessly into life science R&D

What actually is UX design, and how is it used by R&D organisations? We reflect on the latest business reports and our own investigation into the current UX capabilities of nine leading, blue-chip, research-based biopharmaceutical companies. We also introduce a new Pistoia Alliance initiative: ‘User Experience for Life Sciences’, which involves ~50 UX design experts from ~16 organisations. The goals of the project are to demonstrate the business value of UX using life science R&D case studies, and to provide practical methods to achieve success.

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