Drug Discovery World
Raising the bar on the biologics potential
Dr Michael Mouradian

In the quest for safe, efficacious and profitable therapies, pharma research is changing. There is continued pressure to fill the drug pipeline and, at the same time, globalisation of personalised medicines is complex, expensive and requires a significant time commitment.

With budgets being tight and time scarce, outsourcing has become more common. Additionally, risk, perception and regulation have limited the adoption of biologics, biosimilars and biobetters, as small molecules and synthetic drugs have been the traditional therapeutic standard. Fortunately, innovative biological therapeutic tools and technologies are now proven to be viable, highly effective, low risk and safe.

The strides made to reduce therapeutic toxicity, increase patient safety and enhance efficacy, along with the increased financial ROI for biologicals, have provided the foundation and the right incentive for pharma moving toward these therapies. Several other factors, such as automation, are imperative to the success as they bring particular benefits to streamline the path towards better biologicals development, production and regulatory body approvals, including parallel development of companion diagnostics. The time is right; the technologies are ready and the rewards are sweet

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