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Robotics within and beyond the lab

The Pistoia Alliance (whose membership includes most of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, technology vendors and publishers active in the life science R&D sector), is keenly interested in discovering the ways in which innovation through pre-competitive collaboration can be used to explore and exploit the constant stream of new technologies that become available.

With synthetic biology, drug discovery is going virtual.

Christopher Voigt is a professor of biological engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his lab focuses on synthetic biology. Two major areas of interest for him are developing a genetic programming language for cells and applying synthetic biology to biotechnology challenges.

DNA Sequencing: towards the third generation and beyond. Spring 13

Next-generation sequencing has expanded the frontiers of genomic research, opening up new avenues of enquiry and offering insights into diverse areas of biology. Rapid developments in this field are dramatically lowering costs and increasing speeds. With the arrival of third generation sequencing, this continually evolving technology is now being applied within clinical environments, where it has the potential to improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes of diseases such as cancer.