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Putting the code to work: the promise of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics

Within the next 10 years the benefits of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics will inevitably outweigh the disadvantages. But what are the commercial and legal implications for the pharmaceutical industry especially for companies who have lead candidates ready to enter development?

The emergence of pharmacogenomics within the pharmaceutical industry

sequencing of the human genome represents one of the most significant scientific advances of the 20th century that will shape the foundation of medical research well into the 21st.This accomplishment was enabled by remarkable technological advances high throughput sequencing, increased computing power, automated methods of analysis that 25 years ago seemed unimaginable.Through this project, we have gained the understanding that human beings are an estimated 99.9% identical at the genetic level.Yet, it is the 0.1% of variation among individuals that serves as the foundation for the emerging discipline of pharmacogenomics. It is this variation that contributes to physical diversity in the human population as well as differences in disease susceptibility and response to pharmacological therapies.This contribution of the Human Genome Project offers the opportunity to shape the face of drug discovery and development in this century.