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Translational Chemical Biology: Gap assessment for advancing drug discovery, development and precision medicine

As yesterday’s lead molecule enters today’s clinical trial, the standard operating script seems to call for product developers and clinicians to push away the originating basic scientists, lest their lofty impractical ideals disrupt a delicate balance of strategic compromise. Indeed many scientists may not understand the competing push and pull of efficacy versus toxicity and quality versus production costs.

With synthetic biology, drug discovery is going virtual.

Christopher Voigt is a professor of biological engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his lab focuses on synthetic biology. Two major areas of interest for him are developing a genetic programming language for cells and applying synthetic biology to biotechnology challenges.

Chemical space, high throughput screening and the world of blockbuster drugs

We are constantly told that if a high throughput screen does not identify hit(s) then blame it on the compounds in your library. The community has accepted this notion and unleashed a chemical space exploration through the use of novel or pre-existing synthetic chemistries to supposedly generate better ones.