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Biomarker discovery: the need for new generation peptideprotein microarrays.

The progression from health to disease is marked by significant biological changes within an individual1. Clinically presenting symptoms, however, can be non-specific and variable enough to hinder diagnosis, and may appear only after a disease has already become well-established and consequently more difficult to treat.

chemical microarrays the drug discovery superhighway

While producing targets was once the bottleneck in the drug discovery process, in the post-genomic era this has been superseded by the requirement for high-quality lead structures. As a result of the pool of genomic data and countless unvalidated targets now available, researchers are finding that combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening (HTS) against compound libraries are no longer the most cost-effective and time-saving approaches to lead identification. Chemical microarrays, a new type of chip technology, provide a shortcut in the drug discovery process by bypassing conventional target validation, resulting in faster and more efficient research of the interactions of targets with small molecules.