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Breath based biomarker detection - informing drug development and future treatment regimes

The recent approval of the first liquid biopsy test for the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) demonstrates how biomarker-based detection tools are becoming important components of precision medicine-based drug treatment regimes.

Metabolomics - a playbook for functional genomics

If we have learned anything from scientific research in the last 20 years, it is that finding cures to complex diseases is difficult. Despite the promise of the genomic revolution, disease progression and patient outcomes are still not easily predicted by genetic factors alone.

New tools bring greater understanding to Cellular Metabolism research.

The links between mitochondrial dysfunction and various diseases and pathological conditions are being increasingly revealed, such that mitochondrial analyses have gained renewed interest from both the academic research and drug discovery labs.

Metabolomics: analytic methods driving exponential understanding.

Metabolomics is distinct from genomics and proteomics in several significant respects. Where genes and proteins are unique to specific organisms, metabolites are ubiquitous throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. Compared with proteomics and genomics, which quantify the building blocks and machinery of organisms, metabolomics provides information about the interaction between the more established ’omics and what has been termed as the ‘wild card’ of systems biology – the organism’s environment.