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BIA Separations and Nuvonis Technologies partner to support vaccine and gene therapy production

BIA Separations, a leading biochromatography development and manufacturing company, and Nuvonis, a biotech company providing innovative production cell banks, announced they have signed a partnership agreement.

Avacta initiates gene therapy research collaboration with FIT Biotech Oy

Avacta Group is pleased to announce it has initiated a research collaboration with FIT Biotech Oy to assess the effectiveness of developing gene therapies using Avacta’s Affimer technology combined with FIT Biotech’s gtGTU platform.

The genie in the test tube from gene to gene therapy: part II

In the previous edition, we discussed gene therapy in terms of potential vectors and their applications. Now, we discuss the potential clinical uses of these constructs. To date, the main applications of gene therapy have been in inborn errors of metabolism, cancer, cardiovascular and central nervous system degenerative disease and transplantation and graft versus host disease. However, it would seem that this list is set to grow as understanding of the fundamental causes of disease and of delivery mechanisms for gene therapy become better understood.