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Library logistics: managing comprehensive compound collections.

Compound management may seem straightforward but in reality, as the number of new compounds increases dramatically year-on-year, the management of large collections has become increasingly challenging.

Automated compound management evolves to meet the drug discovery demands of the future. Fall 13

The development of new drugs involves testing hundreds of thousands of compounds, from high throughput screening through to subsequent lead optimization. Recognizing the importance of a compound bank in supporting drug discovery activities, as well as to accommodate the change from standardized HTS to integrated lead finding, the Compound Management group at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research embarked on an innovative compound bank initiative to meet the demands of today’s research – the implementation of an advanced automated tube store and dose-response plate module.

Compound Management comes of age. Spring 2003

The changing role of compound management in recent years has seen an often under-valued and under-resourced function being recognised as a key part of the drug discovery process. This article examines the challenges faced by compound management teams and, at a high level, some of the solutions that are currently available and those that may be available in the future.

COMPOUND MANAGEMENT in pursuit of sample integrity. Spring 05

In December 2004 HTStec published its report on Compound Management Trends.This market report summarises the results of a global benchmarking study on pharmaceutical compound management (CM), documenting current practices, issues and future trends in CM, with a particular focus on compound quality control.