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Cell and gene therapies - the emerging fourth pillar of healthcare systems

As the CEO of an organisation that deals exclusively in cell and gene therapies, it is no surprise that I would champion the emergence of these products as the fourth pillar of medicine alongside small molecules, biologics and devices.

Ex Vivoverus in Vivo - the challenge of generating meaningful results with traditional cell culture

While the use of human cell lines has become a permanent fixture in drug discovery and development, the lingering issue has been in their inconsistent results.

Synthetic lethality and anti cancer drug discovery

Classically-activated oncogene targets have been a mainstay of cancer drug discovery for the past 15 years, but the druggable targets in this category have been largely mined out.

Valuation in portfolio management.

Throughout the course of my career, I have been involved in a wide range of portfolio decisions and continue to be involved in them today. Over the years, it has been observed that despite cultural differences, pharma teams face similar problems.

The use of syngeneic models for the discovery of targets for combination therapy and predictive biomarkers of immunotherapy efficacy.

Optimal treatment for any disease is one that can cure or prevent spreading with minimal impact on the patient’s quality of life. In the case of cancer, therapeutic agents were initially designed to kill rapidly dividing cells.

CAR-T : Looking beyond the hype.

While CAR-Ts have already demonstrated convincing efficacy in a specific setting, the jury is still out on whether they are a ‘game-changer’ for oncology as a whole and can justify current valuations and investor interest.

Adoptive T-Cell Therapies: unlocking the potential of engineered antigen receptors.

T-cells with engineered receptors to target tumours represent living drugs with enormous potential in the fight against cancer, but many challenges remain to be overcome in order for their full potential to be achieved.

Cellular raw material collection in cell therapy: critical determinant of product quality.

For more than two decades, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries have been working to unlock the great potential of cell therapy, which uses products composed of living, functional cells to mediate the therapeutic effect.