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CRISPR Cas9: transforming gene editing in drug discovery labs

It is evident from a recent market survey on gene editing in drug discovery that CRISPR/Cas9 is now recognised as the superlative method when attempting a gene knockout or when introducing defined mutations, insertions or modifications to the genome.

The great neuro-pipeline brain drain (and why Big Pharma hasn't given up on CNS disorders) Fall 13

Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders bear an economic burden of more than $2 trillion in the US and EU and rake in upwards of $80 billion a year for the pharmaceutical industry. Yet they have become as much a vice as a potential virtue. A novel Alzheimer’s disease (AD) medication bears every promise of outshining the likes of Lipitor in blockbuster status, but its chances of reaching the market are also nearly 50% lower, and development costs 30% higher, than those of its cardiovascular counterpart.