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Exploring the feasibility of human antimicrobial peptides for new and more efficient antibiotics. Winter 13

To help combat decades of stagnation in antibiotic development, a team led by the National Physical Laboratory conducted two studies into the antimicrobial peptides that fight infection in our bodies and the feasibility of using them as the basis for new antibiotic treatment which is less prone to bacterial resistance.

Meeting the challenge of healthcare-associated infections with new antimicrobials: with a focus on Clostridium difficile. Fall 12

Healthcare-associated infections (HCAI), previously known as hospital acquired infections (HAI), are defined as infections resulting from medical care or treatment in hospital. HCAI may be caused by any infectious agent from endogenous or exogenous sources and affect any part of the body. Five infections: central line-associated blood stream infection, catheter-associated urinary tract infection, surgical site infection, Clostridium difficile infection and healthcare associated pneumonia account for 85% of HCAI1.